Actual Customer Reviews

Thanks to all of you for your input  Review of our Cables 


Kurt from Santa Fe comments on our NEW Interconnects
Ice  Age Audio new RCA Interconnects are made of high quality materials. The  sonic signature is natural and organic across the full frequency spectrum. What these interconnects do is let the music shine without any artificial coloration. Today, most brand name interconnect companies color the music and alter the sonic signature from the original recording.  Ice Age Audio Interconnects reproduce the music as it was originally recorded. This is the ultimate goal of audiophile purists and rare to find in interconnects at any price point.

David's review of our NEW Copper-Copper C7 Cable 

Yes, there was an immediate and amazing difference - I'd  been cheating myself for years!  I used the new power cord for my NAD CD  player, and material that I thought sounded good now sounds way better  with more "body" to the sounds so that they are more natural and less  fatiguing than before.  It's funny (and a bit sad) how you don't know  what you're missing until you have an alternative.  My music now has a  more realistic sound stage.  And the song material from my copy of the  Stereophile Test CD 3 that I've had for 20 years finally sounds more  like what the description in the booklet says it should sound.  No  change I made ever let me hear the "big assed bass" on Doug MacLeod's  "Rollin' and Tumblin'".  It always sounded underwhelming until I  switched to your power cable.  Now it sounds real - and big.  My treasured copy of "Kind of Blue" on, of all labels, NotNowMusic, is much  more improved that I thought it could be.  I play "So What" from that  disc as a reference, and I heard immediate improvement - no more  fatiguing horns - and the bass is glorious.  Thank you, thank you for a  great product.

I  was asking about breaking in the cable to see if I needed too - can't  imagine it sounding better, but I'll use the burn-in track on the  Stereophile CD and let you know if I hear further improvement, which  would be sweet indeed.

Thanks again,


Jordan had this to say about his assorted purchases
I would like to thank you and your son eternally for building me the 4 cables I own now.
8 ft. for my Furman IT-Reference 20
2 ft. for my Benchmark DAC2 D
4 ft. for my custom built Windows 7 PC
15 ft. for my Furman 2 ch. power conditioner
I  am very pleased with their sound in my studio and I have gotten stellar  results with my Sony 60" SXRD TV tweaking it with the 15 ft. plugged  in.
Your cables are allowing me to be a lot less distorted and to witness the best sound and picture I have ever experienced.
Thank you again Ice Age Audio.

Another happy customers review
I  just got my cable today hooked it up & wow. To my surprise what  I've been fighting for a year since I got my Subwoofer. I was frustrated  that I couldn't get the thump, Hey I got the thump in my Sub now. I  swapped the other cable i bought last year from you guys with the silver  / silver, put the copper/silver end one in the subwoofer. Bam thump !  Thanks again for another great cable, #3 from you guys.
Great cable ! Great Price ! Big improvement IMO.
Promise you won't be disappointed. 

Here's what John did and the results he had
Ran  a 10% Silver content Subwoofer cable to a Cambridge Mini x201 sub from a  Cambridge SR 20 receiver and added your C7 power cord to the mini  subwoofer. The results was astonishing! The combination driving a 6.5  inch subwoofer provides tight and crisp bass combined with Monitor Audio  Silver 100 Book Shelf speakers. A side system I put together. Feel free  to share with others. Thanks again for a great affordable product.  John.

Kevin in Michigan says this about our cables compared to a few others
Just  confirming what hifizine found. Quality product at very sane prices.  Better than stock cables for sure. Buddy brought buy a Wireworld Electra  7 cable (about $360) and a $2000 Nordost cable on loan from a shop.  Plus I had a basic Silnote Posidon GL. Your cable soundly beat the  Nordost for low end. The Wireworld was very close and came down to  preference. Yours was better than the Silnote in quality (for sure) and  sound. The Wireworld was a bit smoother on the top end (for amp and  streamer only) but it was really splitting hairs... would not bet money I  could tell the difference in a blind test and I preferred the greater  detail (maybe) from yours. We tried on my Amp, DAC and steamer. (500  watt solid state integrated, Boarder Patrol SE dac and Auralic Mini  streamer with external PSU) though B&W 804 d3 speakers on a  dedicated circuit and dedicated listening room. I plan to replace the  Silnote cord on my DAC and stock cord on my streamer PSU with your  products - because your pricing allows me to do so and the great quality  is more in line with the gear I am using


Stephen, a long time customer shared this...

I  wasn't too happy with the sound my CD player was putting out with the  Shunyata Sidewinder power cord (MSRP $700) that I was using, so I took  one of the Ice Age Audio Copper Power Cords that I use exclusively in my  other audio system and swapped it out. Immediately I heard the tighter  bass that I was not hearing with the Shunyata, with the same clarity but  more smoothness to the sound. Your cables perform as well as cables  costing 4x - 5x the price. It's like getting a Mercedes for the cost of a  Honda, right?  So, for anyone with $150 - $200 to spend on a power  cable, I would recommend any of your various cables. Good, clean power  equals good sound, so why not outfit your entire audio system for the  cost of a single "name brand" cable?  It's the comparison between your  cables and the mid-level of the "brand names" where there is at least an  equality between yours and theirs. But in my case I found your cables  to perform better, especially with the difficult task of tightening the  bass and eliminating the "bloom" or overhang that robs audio systems of  clarity and transparency.   Thanks again for your cables-Stephen

Robert from Oklahoma had this to say...
Let  me start by saying I have never been a person that believed buying an  after market power cable could possibly make a difference in the sound  quality of my audio system.   I just didn't see how it could and I still  don't really understand the how and why of it, but it does. 
After  reading enough reviews from other users I contacted the guys at Ice Age  Audio and gave them a run down of my gear and what I wanted the cords  for.  I am using them on tube monoblocks and they suggested I try the  Copper/Copper cables. I had some lengthy messaging sections with the  guys at Ice Age and decided I was ready.     I placed my order on Sunday  and had two power cords on Wednesday.  These things are rugged amazing  build quality, and sound phenomenal.  I am not a pro audiophile nor do I  know all the terms pro reviewers use or what they mean nor do I really  care.  What I do know is I enjoy music and I know what sounds good to  me.  I cannot put into words the differences I heard.  It was like  whatever was missing was now there.  It was just a rounded out fuller  sound.  I compared to the stock cords and even my non audiophile  girlfriend could tell the difference in the sound spectrum.  I even  compared them to my silver cords and these Copper/Copper cables were  absolutely the best match for my system and offered the best sound  signature to my ears.  Then what I didn't expect was the next day I got a  text from Rick asking me if I got the cords and what I thought.  That  is amazing customer service in my book and really makes me feel like I  am more than just an account number.  High five to the crew at Ice Age  Audio on all points.  I can highly recommend Ice Age Audio products to  anyone.  I will definitely be purchasing more soon....
Thank you guys, Robert-Oklahoma City

Steve from New Zealand, our first NZ customer had these comments...
I  have to admit I was astonished at the difference the power cables made  to the overall listening experience.  Makes you feel like you are in the  middle of a concert and that they are playing just for you.  This would  have to be the best value for money improvement I've ever made.  Was  most impressed that the cables took less than a week to come half way  around the world.

Fran's review...
I received my 2 power  cables yesterday. As with my previous cables, these are beautiful,  rugged powerhouse cables. Very finely crafted like a high end cable, but  at your very affordable prices.  I purchased these 2 copper/copper 10  gauge cables for my 2 PC's in the music streamer I have created.  Honestly, I had modest expectations. The Ice Age Audio cables I have on  my amplifiers have performed extremely well. I was not sure of how much  improvement to expect from putting these on my PC's.   When I installed  these yesterday I was pleased at the nice boost in sound quality. This  did not prepare me for the experience of today. When I played music this  morning I was taken aback. Wow, what improved control, depth and focus.  The biggest improvement is in the bass, which was never as tight and  accurate as I hoped. Now the articulation and punch really brings a  realism heretofore not experienced.  Thanks for your very important  contribution to this computer audiophile dream system I am creating here  in Philly.  :))
Let me add that this customer did a side by side  demo/comparison with our cables and a well known name brand cable  costing $650.00.  He didn't say ours was better, but in his own words,  for the cost difference our cable performed amazingly well with very  subtle differences.

Jay had these comments...
This cable just  sounds too good! I wasn't prepared for that and my heart is still  recovering. And it's only been burned in for 4 hours!
I have to say  how proud I am of you for offering the Best Quality at a price us  commoners can afford. I've long been a fan of Cryo Treatment but never  had a treated power cable. And those Premium Silver Connectors! Dam.  This stuff is over the top! Sorry about all the ! marks but that is how I  feel right now. I'm kind of in a daze. I hope you have liability  insurance for people like me who get too blown away. :-)
Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Sincerely, Jay

Herb shared his opinion...
My  wife Sharon had ordered a 5 ft Copper/Copper power cord for me last  week. I did a quick comparison against my kubala- sosna and my  synergistic research master power cords. The Ice Age cord was darker and  fuller sounding than the kubala, which I prefer, also has a tighter,  more focused bass and mid-range! An all together more balanced and  coherent response! I found the synergistic to be fairly compatible with  Ice Age, but these cords were 300.00 for a 5 ft length over 20 years  ago! And forget about the over priced kubala! Your build quality is  second to none, I thank you and keep up the great work! I will be  ordering again very soon! I will also have my audiophile buddy's  audition the power cord also, so expect more new customers! Feel free to  use this testimonial! Thank you for improving my sound, Herb 

Jim reviews  our Silver/Silver Cables
Hello  Rick, just letting you know, got my cable today, connected it up to my  amp and "WOW" what a big difference. Now I have 3 Silver Plated Copper  10 Gauge cables connected between my CD player, pre amp and amp and this  totally blows away Pangea's cable which I thought sounded pretty good  but your cable really opens things up for the better. My sound stage is  wider, bottom end tight and top end just sounds sweeter. Thanks for a  great cable at a great price. Best regards, Jim

Lansing's comments on what it did for his system...
Hi  Rick, I have never bought an after market cable before, but I did a lot  of research before I bought yours. I have nothing except the stock  cable to compare it to, but it has made a major difference in my  computer-USB Dac stereo system. A more powerful and engaging  presentation, more detail and clarity. I had previously bought a HD-Plex  power supply for my DAC and music server that made a big difference,  but the power cord made an even bigger one. Together they are fabulous. I  followed my instincts on this purchase, and glad I did. Thanks

Jan's results with his NAIM Power Amp...
The  copper/copper power cable cable arrived today and I've connected it to  my Naim Supernait2 amp... and I have absolutely no desire to remove it. I  wasn't expecting this level of improvement over my regular cable.   Everything seems just so much tighter and present. Leading edges of  notes are much better defined ; more attack, more jump factor, more of  pretty much everything at the moment. I've done a couple of return  visits to my regular cable, and the improvement that yours brings is not  subtle. It is evident even at low listening levels, which is how I do  much of my listening.  So far, this the most cost-effective upgrade I've  heard in  my system ; performance well beyond the price

Roland says this about his 10 gauge Silver IEC cable
Highly  recommended power cord at an unbeatable price. Well constructed very  sturdy and rigid design being offered at a price well under its value.  It was compared side by side with my Audioquest power cord costing over 5  times more. I have to say that this cord very well may have outdone the  Audioquest. The cord is not only much thicker and "beefier" with a  braided cover that wont fray like my Audioquest does, but there were  also sonic differences. On Joni Mitchell Blue on vinyl there was an  immediate audible depth apparent in her breath that was lacking on the  Audioquest. The acoustic strings shimmered as I hadn't quite heard  before, and the accompanying bass notes had a fresh vibration of rich  warmth that I couldn't be imagining. Hard to pass up at this price so I  bought another for the cd player. Thank you Ice Age!!!

Virgil from Coldwater, MI says this about his 3ft Silver IEC cable
Never  having bought high quality power cables before, but being a firm  believer in quality interconnects, I was pleasantly surprised at the  difference that these power cables made in my system tuner and CD player  components.  I immediately noticed a fuller and more powerful low  frequency portion of the musical spectrum as well as what seems to be  greater depth and body in the sound stage.  I am playing my system at  higher listening levels across the board now, which I believe is due to  the perception that the playback is of a higher quality.

Gary from Ambridge, Pa says this about his Silver IEC cables
Who  needs new power cables? What do they do besides carry power to the  component they are serving? Can they really do anything to improve the  sound of your system? I like most thought not. I replaced everything in  my system to get to where I thought I wanted it to be. Respected high  end components, interconnects and speaker cables that are second to  none, speakers that most people dream of. But still i just wasn't happy  with the sound. Why with all this top end equipment was I unhappy? It  didn't sound live. While looking through Ebay I decided for no good  reason to look at power cables. I found Tubegeeks  listing...hmmm...cryo'd power cheap to pass  up. I took the plunge. 3 silver cables to start, upgraded the plugs. The  BEST and CHEAPEST upgrade I have ran across. Now we sound live. Go to  the concert at home. That’s right they're that good. A few days later I  bought more. There's a little secret that no one notices with their  equipment - i didn't either - there's a reason you can change the cables  on your equipment - they are not the best and the manufacturer knows  it. These cables are absolutely rock solid, well made and beautifully  constructed. Do what I did ...... steal them and run.

Rob from Hilton Head Island SC says this about his Red Copper cord...
This  is a very high performance cable made with the right metals that  produces a sound only seen in cables costing hundreds of dollars more.  The only thing better than this cable for the money is the person who  makes them. A real pleasure to do business with and someone who will go  that extra mile for you ....and then some!!!!

Konrad from St Paul MN says this about his Hospital Grade cord...
These  cables are amazing! I am fully satisfied. I prefer these over any of my  current high end power cables. The sense of ‘live’ was greatly enhanced  in my system, low noise, airy, these cords lead to considerable system  synergy. Thank You.

Sam from Buffalo, NY says this about his 10 gauge Silver IEC Cord
Just  wanted to drop you a line to say that I'm blown away by the quality of  your product. I was skeptical about what a power cord could bring to the  table sonically. Easy to hear the difference. I'll definitely be doing  more business with you in the future.

Richard from Tomball Texas says this about his 10 gauge Silver IEC cord
I  purchased a 5ft-10 gauge cryo treated power cable from Rick over the  holidays and I must say it was a great present to myself. The build  quality is the first thing you notice, very good looking. I have power  cables from Nordist and PS audio but quickly realized Rick’s cable was  the more holographic of the three. It is now the primary cable for my  Tube amp no higher praise can I give.

Bill from Murrieta.CA says this about his 10 gauge Silver IEC cables
These  are awesome power cables! I was blown away by the craftsmanship and  quality. I have been searching for product that would shield, maximize  power flow and eliminate clutter as well as outside frequency noise.  Compared to stock cables, well, there is no comparison. I never bought  into the $1200.00 cables that mythically "improve" sound quality. Your  product is affordable, very well crafted, and obviously built perform  and to last!

Don says this about the cables he purchased
Review for his Power Cable:
I  just put together a new audio system, consisting of a Jolida integrated  amp. I recognize the importance of using a good power cord, but was not  prepared for the difference the Ice Age Audio power cord made. Before, I  was sitting in the back of the audience; with the Ice Age Audio cord it  bought me a ticket up front. I was floored and could not believe the  difference. I switched my OEM cable back and forth with the Ice Age  Audio cable, trying to deny what I was hearing. Needless to say the Ice  Age Audio cable put a smile on my face.
Review for his HDMI cable:
Installed  the Ice Age Audio HDMI cable to my Sony flat screen, and I could not  believe my eyes. It was like I had my 3D glasses on! I had never seen  depth like this on my TV. The color became much more natural. It was  like I had bought a new television with new technology.

Al says this about his Red Copper cable
I'm  not an experienced audiophile but even I could immediately hear the  difference when I put this power cord in the system. I use small, John  Blue JB3 speakers that are known for their clarity and smooth sound,  however they do lack some bottom end (although it is rather remarkable  what they have for their size). This power cord made a noticeable  improvement to the bottom end and also created a fuller sound. I  couldn't be happier.

Rabin Says this about his Silver IEC Cable
Just  installed the cables and they are phenomenal!  There is no denying the  new depth in the sound stage.  Even my 9 year old daughter heard a  difference between it and the stock Rega cord.  I have always believed  that a better cord was possible, however hadn't heard a noticeable  enough difference to confirm this....until now.  The fortunate ones to  own Ice Age Audio cords, benefit from your experience and passion. Thank  you Rick for providing the key which unlocked the potential of my audio  equipment. I'm rediscovering my music!

Mark says this about his cable purchases
My  bro-in-law and I have been involved audiophiles since the late '70's (I  still have my first EPi's!) and while his listening and taste in  speakers (his Maggie's, me, Vandies) vary, our shared interest in the  'outside' (v. component internals) side of things has of recent  deepened.  Now, after all that, the revealing subtleties of  cryo-treatment has become a head-whack kinda revelation. Cryo-treating  has veritas in numerous other proven applications and Rick has brought  to our game, a group of great products...and at truly affordable  prices!  In a time where audiophile products tend toward the, umm,  astronomically 'pricey', Rick has taken a 'high-end' technology  application, made it affordable and well within our grasp.  I have one  of his power cables for my Outlaw integrated and another for my Dynaco  tubed cd player.  The immediate effect is 'right there'!...even before  usual break-in. His products are of quality build and the revealing  nature of his cables are, as mentioned, immediate. The initial  impression I heard was a 'flood of sound' and was tempted to reduce  volume but within that 'flood' was more detail, too...was just 'more'  music coming through. (The 'factory' wires now relegated to my audio  has-been 'parts bin' (we all have one of those, don't we?).  All this,  as mentioned, before any break-in time...I just wonder where this could  possible go once those molecules get 'acclimated'.

Rick's also been there for any other aspects 'after the sale' so I highly recommend his products.

Glen H Bingham says…
In  the audiophile world of tweaks some of very dubious benefit. Like  clocks and what amounts to coat or candle sticks racks it is refreshing  to have a product as the Iceageaudio Cryo Treated Power Cord. Value  compared to many other makers of such a treatment is unsurpassed in  cost. The construction of the cable is not just top notch but treads the  fine line of not being too unyielding in application.
The sound  through my McIntosh MA6600 has a greater ease musically. That the cables  are made here in the USA by a fine duo of father and son adds to my  satisfaction in money well spent for a product that adds to my enjoyment  of music.

Robert from Florida says…
I was a little hesitant  to order cables from ICE Age Audio due to the low prices. I first  ordered a few power cords. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. I was floored  by the sound and the 3D quality of the picture on my LCD TV. I was so  happy I ordered HDMI cables that had the same effect. They equal the  quality of my Oyaide Cables which are 10x the cost. I even like the  "look" better as it is more 3 dimensional. You will be happy.

Leo from Maine bought an HDMI cable
I  have an older Panasonic 50PX77U plasma and have always used a BJC  component RGB hookup for cable because it gave a brighter and deeper  contrast to the picture than any HDMI cable I had tried. Unfortunately, I  have to use HDMI with my Panasonic BDT-210 bluray so I decided to try  this HDMI chord. I compared this Ice Age to what was a decent  Mediabridge and the difference was quite stunning. The color intensity  and brilliance just makes the picture pop. The video I used was Avatar  and the difference was very obvious in the richness of the transmission.  The cable is well worth the money and I plan to get another one to  replace my current RGB hookup for cable.

Jason, from Alberta Canada our first Carbon Fiber cable
Received  the cable today, set it up and all I can say is "wow".  The amount of  fine detail retrieval is impressive, and my eyes are still shaking from  the bottom end.  Now I really can't wait for those other cables.

Tim from North Dakota says…
Thanks  Rick, your products are so good I really don't know where to begin.  Your power cords absolutely blew my high dollar Shunyata power snakes  out of the water. Clarity, Sound Stage, major bass and treble  improvement. Vocals are just unreal. I know I have had two friends buy  your HDMI cables too. Can't wait to hear them sing your praises as well.  Probably, the best complement I have is that I had a friend stop by and  they thought I had purchased a new TV. That just proves how much of a  performance increase your HDMI cables deliver. Great stuff.